Patient Information

Letters and Requests from Hospital Clinicians

Letters come from the NHS and private hospital doctors (i.e. secondary care) asking for either prescription items or further clinical reviews to be seen elsewhere by other clinical personnel e.g. specialists outside the GP services.

Please note that the GPs at this surgery (i.e. primary care) may be able to complete many of these requests e.g. most prescription items and on occasions referrals on to other secondary care clinics without necessarily needing to see you first.

However, many/most issues are handled by the GPs in the primary care services and therefore will not necessarily warrant any further referral to secondary care.

We ask patients to chase up with the reception staff regarding any letters of instructions to the GPs from secondary care services as you may be required to make an appointment here at the surgery regarding any further care.


Please be aware that the IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure is no longer available on the NHS.

Please visit the Croydon CCG website for more information regarding this decision

Medication Side Effects

It is important to recognise that all medications have side effect profiles. These include common “over the counter” (OTC) pharmaceutical medications e.g. paracetamol or ibuprofen and prescribed medications for acute and/or chronic conditions e.g. antibiotics, diabetic medications, blood pressure drugs, antidepressants etc.

We ask you to read the instructions and side effects listed on the leaflets that are supplied with any pharmaceutical medications that you are taking.

If you are experiencing intolerable or unpleasant side effects, please make contact with the surgery for an appointment to see a doctor regarding this.

We will not be able to advise on any medications that may have come from non NHS sources e.g. herbal based medications.

Signature Requests from the Doctors

The doctors here at Upper Norwood Group Practice do not sign the following types (or related) documents at the practice:

  • Passports or driving licenses
  • Financial / Overseas references for money or other financial transfers
  • Wills
  • References for work

Letters to non-NHS institutions/agencies

Please note many of you request written letters from the doctors at the GP surgery for outside institutions or other agencies i.e. non NHS personnel. Please note many of you request written letters from the doctors at the GP surgery for outside institutions or other agencies i.e. non NHS personnel.

Please note there is a charge for this service.

Examples of these are as follows:

  • Council housing letters – e.g. you may wish to move house and need to present a medical explanation to support your application.
  • Universities – e.g. reasons for non-attendance or mitigating circumstances for course work/exams etc – YOU must have seen a doctor previously about your condition at the time. We will not simply write a letter detailing a medical problem you never saw the doctor for at the relevant times!
  • Solicitors letters asking for medical information – They must write to us formally detailing their queries to us about your medical condition(s). They cannot ask you to come and see us to simply get a letter by hand.
  • School letters for non–attendance e.g. unwell issues. Again we cannot give you a letter to explain backdated problems that you never previously saw the doctor about.
  • Medical insurance reports – Please note these are chargeable directly to the insurance company.
  • Letters for airports/flights – e.g. to explain the medication you are taking for the flights

Charges for these letters may vary depending on the quantity of information requested and on the time taken for the GP to write these.